28mm Arthurians by Saxon Miniatures review

A closer look at Saxon Miniatures’ 28mm Arthurians

Arthurian wargaming is still going strong. It’s been a popular era amongst wargamers for some time, but lately it’s been getting extra attention due to the popular Dux Britanniarum wargame by Too Fat Lardies (check out the Facebook group here).

Also, there are still rumours that Gripping Beast will be releasing an Arthurian supplement for SAGA sometime soon. Exciting times!

Reason enough to take a closer look at some beautiful miniatures that fit the period!

Saxon Miniatures

Despite the name, Saxon Miniatures has branched out beyond crafting just Viking and Saxon miniatures (the former of which we reviewed in an earlier article).

In fact, these 28mm Arthurians, sculpted by former Gripping Beast sculptor Colin Patten, are a continuation of the Arthurian range you’ll still find in the Gripping Beast webshop.

Which should make you feel at ease if you’re looking to expand upon your existing range of 28mm Arthurians: these guys will fit in with them seamlessly!

The figures

On to the actual figures.

At this moment, Saxon Miniatures has three separate packs of 28mm Arthurians on offer:

  • Winter King Arthurian Warlords. 15 Fully armed, armoured and adorned figures with just that little extra to set them apart from grunts. Like the Viking and Saxon warlords, they are all named, too!
  • Arthurian British Armoured Infantry. 16 fully armoured infantry figures. More plain looking than the warlords, obviously, to act as your (still well-off) grunts.
  • Arthurian British Unarmoured Infantry. 16 unarmoured figures that come with just helmets and robes. This is likely what most regular warriors in this day and age looked like.

I got a pack of Warlords and a pack of armoured warriors for my Dux Britanniarum army. The unarmoured set wasn’t out yet and I like to think it’s my nagging that made Colin add this set to his range. But who knows, right? ūüėČ

All I know is: these are some fantastic figures to round out your Romano-British warriors for Dux Britanniarum.

Poses and casting quality

Here’s an example of what they look like “in the flesh” (or should that be “metal”?):


Crisp detail, fine casts with little flash. What more could you ask for?

All packs come with separate swords and shields (except for some models, like the warlord in the picture above: his shield is cast on). The hands are intentionally left open in such a way you can often choose between a spear or a sword, without the pose looking off.

In fact, I think the sculpts are generally very realistic and well balanced.

Here’s how my warriors look, painted up and based for Dux Britanniarum:



These guys are as 28mm as any other 28mm Arthurians out there.

I’ve mentioned that Colin sculpted the Gripping Beast range. I’m actually mixing them in with my GB Arthurians and you won’t be able to spot which ones are which!

I’ve heard that there’s no problems mixing them with Black Tree, Old Glory, etc. So no worries there.


You can get each of the packs linked above for ¬£22, which puts the models at about ¬£1,37 each.¬†That’s exactly the same as what they go for over at Gripping Beast, but¬†Colin announced on his Facebook page that he’s going to be supplying his packs with steel wire spears included.

So no bendy spears and no separate ordering of the things.

You’re spoiling us, Colin!

A good stop for your 28mm Arthurians?

Heck yes. A variety of poses, great casting and priced slightly better than the competition. Go get yours now!

To finish off this review, you can see some of my Arthurians in action below!


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